Selasa, 24 November 2009

Simple present tense

Simple present tense:

is used to show the habitual action or general fact.
We have three purposes in simple present tense.
1. Habitual action I smoke cigarette.
2. General fact God is one.
3. Repeat action I come to class everyday.
General structure S+V+C
Present continuous tense: is usually used for what is happening right now or during the-
moment of speaking it starts right now and it may go to future.
Structure: sub+ (tobe verb) +verb/ing+complement
I am (am not) working now.
We} He}
You} are (aren’t) working now. She} is (isn’t) working now.
They} It}
Past tense: Expresses and activity that occurred before now at particular time in the past-
. It starts in the past and finish in the past.
Ex: I went to Pakistan yesterday.
Structure: S+2
form of (V) +C

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